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Two Communities.

One Great Conference.

On Mar 10 and 11, 2021, InsurTech Hartford and InsurTech NY co-hosted InsurTech Spring Conference to bring together insurance innovators and InsurTech leaders across the globe. The conference featured experts from insurance carriers and brokers making strides in innovation, InsurTech startups impacting the industry, and also produced entertaining content.

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He Said, She Said 

The Pandemic Version!

Emerging Trends in Digital Distribution

InsurTech's Role in Responding to Climate Change

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Panel Summaries

Graphics by Kim Dornisch

Emerging Trends in Digital Distribution.
Emerging Trends in Digital Distribution

Bryan Falchuk, Ian Jeffrey, Alicia Kern, Jill Rasmussen, and Rhonda Longo

InsurTech_s Role in Responding to Climat
InsurTech's Role in Responding to Climate Change

Dawn LeBlanc, Sabine VanderLinden, and Sashi Aiyathurai

He Said, She Said.png
He Said, She Said
The Pandemic Version!

Mark Roth, George Woods, Brian Gaab, Bob Hilborn, Ingrid Cook, Wade Millward, and Nick Lamparelli

Growing A Partner Ecosystem.png
Growing a Partner Ecosystem

Doug Alexander

Diversity _ Inclusion.png
Diversity & Inclusion
It's More Than Statistics

Susan Johnson and Margaret Spencer

Timing is Everything. Getting to Market
Timing is Everything
Getting to Market (Quickly)

Greg Murphy

It_s 2021_ Time To Deliver A Holistic Cu
It's 2021!
Time to Deliver a Holistic Customer Experience

Gilad Shai, Manisha Bhargava, Ewelina Mroczek, and Ryan Keating

The Value Levers of IoT.png
The Value Levers of IoT

Charlie Sidoti, Gordon Hui, Danny Mendoza, and Alex Schwarzkopf

Using AI to Improve Underwriting.png
Using AI to Improve Underwriting

Jeff Goldberg, Scott Hammesfahr, Anthony DeSalva, Sandipan Gangopadhyay, and Carey-Anne Nadeau

The Regulatory Perspective on InsurTech.
The Regulatory Perspective on InsurTech

Denise Matthews, Ben Skyes, Josh Hershman, and Brendan McKiernan

Cloud Transformation in Insurance.png
Cloud Transformation in Insurance

Jake Sloan, Jonathan Silverman, Joel Yarde, Jay Stillman, and Bryan Fowler


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